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Olivia Frances is a multi-award-winning pop/folk artist. Her infectious positive energy and unique “sunshine-story-pop” is catching the attention of listeners worldwide.

“Olivia writes the kind of songs you wish you'd already been listening to for years."
- Mikey Shake,
WEMF Radio – Boston, MA

“Olivia's performance was vibrant, engaging, and unforgettable.”
- Morgan Vines,
Sofar Sounds, Worcester, MA

“Olivia sparkles with enthusiasm onstage, and her songs live up to her personality - fun, catchy, and rich with detail.”
- Dave Isaacs, 
Nashville Guitar Guru - Nashville, TN

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Olivia Frances’ New Album, Orchid

With the generosity of listeners like you, Olivia Frances’ third album Orchid has been fully funded! She will release her third album on June 14, 2019. This 11-track LP will be recorded and produced in Nashville, TN at Riverfront Recording Studios by Pat Lassiter.

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More About the Songs (coming soon…):

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