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Olivia Frances is a multi-award-winning pop/folk artist. Her infectious positive energy and unique “sunshine-story-pop” is catching the attention of listeners worldwide.

“Olivia writes the kind of songs you wish you'd already been listening to for years."
- Mikey Shake,
WEMF Radio – Boston, MA

“Olivia's performance was vibrant, engaging, and unforgettable.”
- Morgan Vines,
Sofar Sounds, Worcester, MA

“Olivia sparkles with enthusiasm onstage, and her songs live up to her personality - fun, catchy, and rich with detail.”
- Dave Isaacs, 
Nashville Guitar Guru - Nashville, TN

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Olivia Frances’ New Album, Orchid

Olivia Frances’ full-length, fan-funded, third album Orchid has arrived! This 11-track LP was recorded and produced in Nashville, TN at Riverfront Recording Studios by Pat Lassiter.

I’ve always felt a deep connection to music and nature. There is a rhythm in the waves, a timing to the changing seasons. This season has brought many endings and new beginnings. Like a flower in Spring, these songs began as seedlings of ideas and with time and space they have blossomed and are ready to be heard. Thank you for listening. Here is my gift to you, Orchid.

Listen to Orchid


 “Upbeat, relevant, and personal."
- Baruch Zeichner, Paradigm

“Contagious...Olivia shines like a summer day.”
- Sylvie Marie, Please Pass The Indie

"Olivia Frances is a name you should remember.”
- Zangba Thomson, Bong Mine Entertainment

“Olivia Frances isn’t your typical pop artist…. This is a young talent with a bright future, who writes songs with the skill of a veteran while bring a unique creativity to a genre that will benefit greatly from her vision.”
- Tom Steven, Take Effects

“Olivia is a true singer-songwriter who possesses the ability to not only write creative lyrics, but also contagious melodies to accompany her songs. She is an artist well beyond her years.”
- Jason Sample, WRFA Radio – Jamestown, NY





Watch Olivia Frances' music video "Porcelain" out now! This song is her first single from her "Orchid." Filmed by Cold Robot Studios in Lakewood, OH. Directed by Olivia Frances. Co-written with Mike Astrachan. Produced by Pat Lassiter at Riverfront Recording in Nashville, TN.


SCHOOL CHILDREN sing “It just takes one” WITH OLIVIA

Watch Olivia Frances sing “It Just Takes One” with the elementary school students at Peaslee Elementary School in Northborough, MA.


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